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Colton is a very sweet and kind little boy who has endured a heart transplant.  Colton’s wish was to go to Disney!  He has a precocious little sister that is his best friend, and we’re sure that one didn’t think of on this special wish trip, the other one did!  They had a blast everywhere they went, and especially enjoyed finding the “snoring tree” that we asked them to be sure to locate.  We’re honored to have met this fine family and granted Colton’s wish!



Addison thought for a very long time about what would be the perfect wish before deciding on a Disney Cruise after going through cancer treatments.   Mom loved that Wishes Can Happen took care of all the planning.  In her own words,  ‘The cruise was absolutely amazing and it was so nice that everything was taken care of for us.  As a mom, I’m so used to making sure every little detail is in place, and it was nice that I didn’t have to think!  Staying at the hotel and then taking the Disney transportation to the ship was so nice.  They took our luggage so that we just got to hop on and go!  Guest services reached out to us and welcomed us to the ship and sent Addison little surprises throughout the week.  I could go on and on – it really was a lovely time!”


Payton has been battling brain cancer.  In her mom’s words, “Wow! We wanted to send a HUGE thank you to Wishes Can Happen for the most magical experience We just returned from Hawaii and we ALL agreed that it was our favorite vacation EVER It was truly unbelievable. The weather was perfect, the place we stayed was beautiful, and we went on so many fun excursions including snorkeling with sea turtles and swimming in waterfalls! It was definitely a trip we will NEVER forget and we cannot be more thankful. Thank you again to the entire team at Wishes Can Happen!!”


Several years ago on Christmas Eve, Isabel complained of leg and back pain.  After taking some over-the-counter pain meds, she went to bed, everyone sure she’d feel better in the morning.  Sadly, that was not the case.  She was rushed to the hospital the next day with paralysis.  Shocked to hear that she had an extremely rare condition, the family was hopeful that she would regain her mobility in time, but this has not been the case. ” Isabel has been amazing through this,” her mother says, “but it has been really hard for her to not be able to do the things she used to do.”  Isabel has always loved Hawaii, thinking it was the most beautiful place she had ever seen.  Wishes Can Happen sent her there, along with her twin sister and brother.  We rented a special beach wheelchair, which according to the family, made all the difference in the world.  They had an amazing time!


Noah and his family love to vacation, at HOME!  Because Noah is trach/vent dependent, they don’t like to be around crowds that would expose him to illnesses, so they built a small cabin in the woods on their property.   Noah thought that a covered picnic pavilion would be a fun place for him to play outdoors.  Wishes Can Happen put up the perfect place, with the help of local businesses.  We’re sure this will give the family life-long fun and memories!


Emerson is an only child born with multiple life threatening conditions.  Watching her parents interact with her, you know that Winnie the Pooh was right when he said, “Any day spent with you is my favorite day. . . ,” and “Together is a Wonderful Place to Be.”  This lovely family enjoyed a Valentine’s wish week in sunny Florida and most certainly enjoyed a moment with this very wise bear!


Jourdyn was born with a condition that will cause her to have life-long bouts of pain.  The pain can be so intense, the only option is to be hospitalized and put on main meds until it passes.  This sweet little girl had always dreamed of going to the Disney parks, and Wishes Can Happen made her dream come true!  She smiled from ear to ear the whole week!


LeJon has Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy, a debilitating disease.  His Best Buy shopping spree was the bomb!  Traveling with his mom, nurse and wish granter, he was greeted with two Best Buy personal shoppers, Mike and Anthony, at the door..  Between the whole group, they made sure that every single item on LeJon’s list was checked off.  His shopping spree extended to Amazon and other stores, including room accessories, clothing, shoes and more.  All that shopping worked up an appetite, and a dinner from Outback finished off a perfectly wonderful day!


Amari loves being in the water and splashing around!  Due to her fragile health, the family chose to drive to a beautiful vacation resort with a water park in Gatlinburg, TN.  Besides a lot of splashing around fun, they visited the aquarium, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, the Hollywood Wax Museum, the zoo, Dollywood and beautiful Cade’s Cove!  To say they took full advantage of their week is an understatement.  Even when it rained and they couldn’t go outside, they made the best use of their time and did crafts together.  We’re so glad we were able to meet this delightful family and give them a fun-filled week!


Philip was a kind little boy who made friends with everyone and loved to run, play and have fun.  Because of his failing health, he was not able to take the trip to Disney he had hoped for.  So for one week, we brought as much happiness as this little one’s tender heart could hold.  After face-timing with Mark Wahlberg, we loaded up a party bus full of his loved ones and delivered them to the Wahlburger Restaurant in Cleveland. A Lego master builder visited his home to play Legos with him.  General RV drove the family to Pittsburgh, where they visited a Legoland store and the zoo. The week ended with a party at his home under a big white tent for all who loved him. Philip fought cancer pretty much his whole life. And Philip’s whole life was only six years long.  He passed away shortly after his wish week.


Sandra is diagnosed with a disease that will follow her through life, requiring constant, careful monitoring and treatment.  She thought for a long, long time about what she wanted for a wish, and her parents tried not to influence her at all on her decision, wanting it to be truly HER wish.  Being old enough to really understand her disease and what it means for the remainder of her life, she decided on a Disney cruise.  According to all, it was truly a dream vacation, and one that will all hold in their hearts forever.  Mom says, “It’s her wish, we’re just along for the memories!”  And memories were bountiful!


Cerriana wanted to go to Disney and the beach for her wish.  Because she is on Hospice, planning of her wish had to be carefully coordinated with Hospice both in Ohio and Florida.  Although it was a challenge, we were able to get the family to Florida for a week.  This young lady has a very positive outlook and made the best of her wish week.  Cerriana enjoyed doing a karaoke performance and meeting all her favorite characters while there.  We filled her heart with as much happiness as we could and hope that many wonderful memories were created for her family.


When you’ve done wishes for as long as we have, it’s bound to happen – you’ll do a wish for a girl named MIRACLE!  Miracle liked Give Kids the World the most – she noticed everything was catered to kids – the small tables, the pools, everything for her to touch – it was a world for her.  “Kids have to get adjusted to bigger seating and bigger things in the world, and this was just for kids.”  Mom said they loved the village!


Addison LOVES the beach!  We surprised her at wish presentation with her favorite princess, Ariel, who sang many songs for her.  She chose a trip to Santa Anna Island where she could truly be surrounded by water.  The family stayed in a beautiful house for a fun filled week, appropriately called “The Funky Beach House.”  Because Addison is wheelchair dependent, we rented a golf cart to get the family of 7 around on the island.  It truly was the perfect wish trip for Addison!


Raphael loves his aquatic therapy and for his wish he chose a hot tub. Born with many life-threatening conditions, his parents feel that not only is this a wish he will enjoy, but will also help him physically.  Along with his hot tub, we added in some additional handles, towels, neck ring, towel warmer and light blue tooth machine. After delivery, the family had to wait 24 hours to be able to turn on the jets.  His mother said that he loved it so much that he actually fell asleep in the tub, and sent a picture to prove it!


Deagon is diagnosed with a rare disease and the family really looked forward to having some ‘normal’ time together.  He loved being in the pool at Give Kids the World, as it was only 3 ft. deep and he never had to wear arm floats.  Because his disease makes it difficult for him to be in the sun, he went in the pool after the sun went down since it was open til 10.  The family also made a run over to the beach.  Luckily, as fate would have it, it was a cloudy day so Deagon was able to take full advantage!

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