Her upcoming wish is always a source of happiness for her to talk about. The sparkle comes back into her eyes even on the darkest of days. As parents, it’s a joy to watch her overflow with excitement thinking about all the possibilities of her wish.


Born seemingly healthy, Colton was diagnosed with a heart disease called cardiomyopathy at 3 years old requiring a heart transplant. Colton is now able to run and play with his sister again. He can’t wait to take her to Disney World!


Rahjanae’s battle has been difficult, but she has been very courageous and truly lives by the motto, “Fight Like A Girl.”  This tough little one has a smile that lights up every room she enters.   She just can’t wait to go to Disney World and meet all the bold and beautiful princesses like her!


As a freshman in high school, Logan began having severe pains in his legs. After what seemed like the longest time, Logan was diagnosed with leukemia. An avid outdoorsman that loves to fish, Logan is looking forward to a bass fishing tournament later this year.


A Harry Potter fan through and through, Phoebe looked forward to a trip to Universal to ride the  Hogwarts Express.  Unfortunately, her wish has been postponed twice due to COVID-19.  Depending on her health, Phoebe may change the wish.  Regardless of what she chooses, we’re sure it will be wonderful surrounded by her large, loving family.


There could be no bigger Star Wars fan than Nolan.  While waiting at Akron Children’s, he dreams of visiting Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios where we’re planning a few surprises to make sure the force is with him! 


Olivia had not been feeling well for months; then when COVID hit and she spiked a high fever, they were sure that would be diagnosis at the hospital.  Instead, she was diagnosed with cancer.  Imagine being the only parent at the hospital and sharing that news with your spouse over the phone.  After treatments, Olivia dreams of going to the beach with her family.


Jaxon spends a lot of time thinking about what his wish will be! From visiting his favorite animals at a reptile sanctuary to going on a fun-filled cruise, you just never know what this young man will dream up! Wishes Can Happen can’t wait to hear what he decides!


When Ava was in the hospital, unable to walk or talk after brain surgery, her friend made a sign for the door that said, “PLEASE DO NOT CALL ME PRINCESS. CALL ME SLUGGER OR CHAMP.” That’s Ava through and through. A determined young lady who loves sports and achieves straight A’s, she looks forward to going to Florida and riding every roller coaster she can find!

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Diagnosed with cancer the day after graduating high school, Dennis loved to fish and wanted “to catch something bigger and uglier than I am.”  On his wish trip in the deep gulf waters off Key West, over and over during his wish trip, he said, “This is like a dream come true.  I can’t believe someone did this for me.”  He reeled in a giant goliath grouper reportedly weighing over 450 pounds.  Dennis passed away just 12 short hours after returning home.  We are thankful to have been able to grant his wish.


There may be no truer love story than that of Rakaya and her mother, Lorie. This pair battles day-in and day-out, challenging each day to be as great as the previous. When mom learned she could take Rakaya to the Orlando theme parks, the planning began! With help from Wishes Can Happen, Rakaya had the time of her life being a princess, swimming, greeting character friends, riding a horse, being kissed by a dolphin, and so much more!


Charlotte was born with multiple heart defects and has had several surgeries. When asked what she would want for a wish, this red-haired beauty’s reply was . . . “I want to see the castle and the princesses!” Inspired by Princess Merida’s bravery, Charlotte was simply enchanted by the castle and all of the princesses at Disney World.


Lyric was born with a difficult form of sickle cell disease that has caused her to have many hospitalizations and surgeries in her young life. On our initial talk with her mom, she described her as having “big ideas, big ideas, big ideas.” Her big wish idea was a Disney cruise. Lyric enjoyed having fun in the sun on such a magical ship. Getting kissed by a dolphin was just an added bonus!


Suddenly diagnosed with an extremely rare condition, Jane’s life has changed drastically over the last few years. When offered a wish, she was simply overwhelmed with joy. She meticulously planned her wish and the time was fast approaching . . . UNFORTUNATELY so was Hurricane Dorian! Her wish was postponed two weeks, and according to Jane, it was absolutely worth the wait! She visited every single park that put Florida on the map with nothing but SUNNY SKIES overhead!


Peyton has two older brothers that were born with a life threatening condition. He was the healthy one, until suddenly he was diagnosed with a rare heart condition. His mom refers to herself as “mommy of 3 miracles.” For his wish, he wanted to go back to the place he had visited with his brothers while on their wish – Give Kids the World in Kissimmee, FL. From there, they had a blast at Universal, Disney and Sea World.


Blake is a member of a large and loving family, but it wasn’t always that way. Born extremely medical fragile requiring round the clock care, he was surrendered to foster care. His very first foster family made him their own. His mom said that while on his wish, everyone made him feel very special, and “While you as a foundation work tirelessly to raise money and plan wishes for children like Blake and their families, please know that you all are heroes to these children.”


Grace was left with permanent disabilities after surgery for a brain tumor at just six years old. Although she has many challenges, the smile never leaves this young girl’s face. After having her wish postponed because of Hurricane Dorian, the joy was extra special when she visited Disney during the Christmas season. She felt proud to be able to enjoy the experience with her large family.



Gracie has suffered since birth with multiple challenges. She and her twin sister are inseparable and there was nothing more they wanted to do than go see the princesses at Disney. Wishes Can Happen coordinated with General RV to get them a 26-footer RV to travel to Orlando and enjoy a week at Give Kids the World, Disney, Universal and Sea World. Gracie’s dad said it was a wish they could have never imagined and holds memories that will last them a lifetime!


A beautiful girl with a gentle spirit and grateful heart, Jaliyah was overcome with emotion upon hearing the details of her wish trip. Feeling very magical in the World of Harry Potter, she felt it was the highlight of her wish trip. Jaliyah and family had a wonderful week and returned with a heartful of memories.  Jaliyah has told us that she wants to always be a part of Wishes Can Happen in any way she can to help other kids have the same joy she did.


Jace’s wish was finished right in the nick of time prior to the COVID shutdown. Jace didn’t want a trip, he said that he didn’t need anything – that “Really, all he wanted was just to feel better.” We’re sure that he will get to feeling better spending time outside on this deluxe playset! Complete with a clubhouse, picnic table, climbing wall, 2 raised forts, tire and regular swings . . . and what COMPLETE set would be complete without MONKEY BARS! Social distancing is not a problem for Jace right now!


Grady traveled with his family to Florida to all the magic of Disney and Universal. He spent 3 fun-filled nights at Give Kids the World and then packed up and stayed at the Disney Polynesian for 3 nights. On his very first night, he was surprised with a helicopter ride. Grady had a great time on his wish trip, and especially enjoyed the Hoop Dee Doo dinner show.


Jayden had an amazing time in Hawaii. He and his family got to enjoy the beautiful beach and water as well as excursions! They took the trip along the Road to Hana, went whale watching and even got to go to an authentic luau! He absolutely enjoyed every minute of this dream trip come true! Sadly, Jayden passed away just a few short months after his wish.


Cheyenna’s wish was her very first vacation, so she wanted to make it the one of her dreams! Visiting Disney, Universal, Sea World and soaking up the sun every day for a week, she made it the time of her life. Taking along her special aunts and best friend made the trip a lot more fun!


Lukas’s wish was to meet Youtube sensations, Dude Perfect! These “Dudes” are awfully busy, but they took the time to meet with Lukas and other wish kids from around the U.S. Wishes Can Happen collaborated with Kayleigh Kriss of Mix 94.1 and Principal Matt Donaldson to do the BIG WISH REVEAL at Lukas’s school. Lukas’s heroes surely didn’t disappoint him when he met them in Texas. Little sister Makenna got in all of the action. What a fine bunch of Dudes! What a GREAT WISH you chose, Lukas!

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